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I am May Kristine Jonson Carlon, or simply, May. I am working as a Technical Staff I at the Social Value Decision Making Laboratory at RIKEN Center for Brain Science from May 2023. I am also a visiting researcher at the Cross Lab at Tokyo Institute of Technology in the Department of Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering under the School of Environment and Society. I completed my Ph.D. in Global Engineering for Development, Environment, and Society in the same lab. I worked with Professor Jeffrey S. Cross studying educational technology, specifically on improving the online learning experience through metacognitive prompts, adaptive learning, and harvesting of implicit feedback through natural language processing. I started in October 2022 as an online education specialist at Tokyo Tech's Online Content Research and Development section where I had been working as a teaching assistant during my doctoral studies and as a volunteer shortly after. I am also teaching information technology courses at Hosei University's Global and Interdisciplinary Studies.


iLRN 2023: Trial Assessment of Online Learners' Engagement with 360-degree Architecture Videos

Vincent was an undergraduate student at Tokyo Tech's Japanese TSE program who completed his independent research at the Cross Lab. I served as his mentor on this, which we first submitted to a JSET conference (unrefereed) and then to Immersive Learning Research Network (iLRN) 2023 as a short paper where it was reviewed. We received very positive reviews and were invited to write a full paper version. I presented this online on May 20, 2023. Below is a video I also prepared ahead of time.

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