L@S2020: Global Learning @ Scale

Dr. David A. Joyner, one of my teachers from my online masters degree, has invited me and Professor Cross to co-organize the Global Learning @ Scale workshop at L@S 2020. In this workshop, Professor Cross and I presented how massive open online courses (MOOCs) play different roles at Tokyo Institute of Technology: share Tokyo Tech course materials, promote works done at the university, foster international collaborations, and provide on-the-job training for teaching assistants, among others.

OEDO Teaching Assistants 

For a copy of relevant materials (e.g., presentation, paper) or any questions you may have, please feel free to reach out to me through the Contact Me gadget on this blog's side bar.


Title: Global Learning @ Scale
Authors: David A. Joyner, May Carlon, Jeffrey S. Cross, Eduardo Corpeño, Rocael Hernandez Rizzardini, Oscar Rodas, Dhawal Shah, Manoel Cortes-Mendez, Thomas Staubitz, José Ruipérez-Valiente
Date: August 12 to 14, 2020
DOI: 10.1145/3386527.3405956 (open access)


This workshop proposes specifically soliciting contributions and presentations from initiatives, programs, and platforms around the world. While many of these may already be presented at the full conference, we are also interested in more casual experience reports, case studies, and background presentations from individuals more closely acquainted with how learning at scale initiatives-including MOOCs, for-credit degree programs, informal learning environments, government initiatives, and so on-have unique needs and opportunities based on their local context. We refer to this as Global Learning @ Scale. For the purposes of this workshop, we take two views of Global Learning @ Scale.