JSET Spring 2021: Open response prompts in an online metacognitive tutor

My doctoral dissertation is on the Personalized Online Adaptive Learning System (POALS), which has a metacognitive tutor at its core. This was my penultimate work on the original metacognitive tutor that I had been developing.
Qualitative approach for evaluating POALS Metacogntive Tutor

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Title: Open response prompts in an online metacognitive tutor
Authors: May Kristine Jonson Carlon, Jeffrey S. Cross
Date: March 6 to 7, 2021


Metacognition,  or being able to take charge of one’s knowledge development,  is important to autonomous learning which is crucial to succeeding in online learning environments.  The benefits of using prompts or guide questions in metacognitive development were shown in existing literature, but a closer look at how learners use the prompts and their levels of engagement is yet to be seen. We developed a system for online learning environments that use prompts for metacognitive tutoring. We then looked at how often the learners use these prompts as intended,  how long the responses they provide,  and how these factors affect their metacognitive scores. Proper usage of the prompts during preparation phases and engagement with prompts during evaluation phases are potentially useful in overall metacognitive development.  The number of prompts given by the metacognitive tutor is thus less important than teaching the learners how to use them.