ICCE 2021: Learning Analytics Dashboard Prototype for Implicit Feedback from Metacognitive Prompt Responses

I had fun serving as a session chair at this conference. Being a session chair encouraged me to pay closer attention to the presentations so that I can stimulate discussions during the Q&A portions.
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Authors: May Kristine Jonson Carlon, Jeffrey S. Cross
Date: November 22 to 26, 2021


Online learning can be challenging to learners as they need to have autonomous learning skills to succeed, and to instructors as direct observation and real-time communication with learners are limited. Learning analytics dashboards have been used to assist learners in developing autonomous learning. skills and the instructors in keeping track of the learners’ progress. However, there is little information on systems supporting both learners and instructors in online learning environments. This paper builds on our previous work developing learners' metacognitive skills through open response prompts by using the learner inputs to create a dashboard that uncovers implicit feedback such as sentiments, misconceptions, and shallow learning. The instructor can consult the dashboard on-demand, and the input is from metacognitive prompts that only the individual learners see. Hence, the instructor can provide timely interventions based on inputs from learners who otherwise would not voice their concerns in more public channels such as discussion forums.