JSET Spring 2020: Developing Learner Metacognitive Skills on an Online Environment

In Japan, the academic organization for educational technology is the Japan Society for Educational Technology (JSET). I intend to present regularly at this venue. This conference happened during the earlier months of the COVID-19 pandemic. As is with the conferences following it, this conference was held online.
One of my slides during the presentation

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Title: Developing Learner Metacognitive Skills on an Online Environment
Authors: May Kristine Jonson Carlon, Jeffrey S. Cross
Date: February 29 to March 1, 2020


Metacognition, or thinking about thinking, contributes significantly to a learner’s academic performance. However, practically teaching metacognition especially in a classroom setting is challenging since it requires that it be taught alongside a subject domain, thus it puts a strain on the students’ cognitive resources. With online learning platforms, students can learn at their own pace, making the online environment ideal for metacognitive tutors.  A  crucial consideration when developing metacognitive tutors for online platforms is ensuring that information security measures are in place. To demonstrate the feasibility of online metacognitive tutoring, a tool was developed and embedded as an online component in a blended learning undergraduate class on educational technology.  Results reveal that despite the challenges brought about by ensuring information security, developing the tool has been worthwhile since the students were able to improve their metacognitive skills based on multiple measures using the tool created.