Hosei Spring 2022: Information Technology I

 I started teaching as a part-time lecturer at Hosei University in Spring 2022. One of the courses I taught is Information Technology I, which is a course I inherited from a different instructor. It has been a worthwhile experience. If given another chance, I would like to introduce improvements to my classroom management such as clearer late submission and attendance policies. For more details on the course itself, check out the syllabus available on this link.

A slide from my class. Understanding where to start teaching a beginner class for a seemingly common skill nowadays was surprisingly challenging and exciting.

Outline and Objectives:

The objective is to enable students to apply Information Technology using personal computers and other communication devices. No specialized knowledge is required for this class. Solutions to common problems that occur using the Internet and the cloud will be discussed from a non-specialist perspective.


The goal is to give students essential computer literacy skills, including basic knowledge of operating systems (particularly Windows), Internet security and privacy issues, data protection, search engines, intellectual property issues, and presentation techniques using software applications. Evaluation is based on student presentations and submitted reports.