ICCE 2022: Educational Assistant Wireframe for the Elderly to Mitigate Urban Climate Health Risks

In 2020, we submitted a late-breaking work paper for the CHI 2021 conference. Unfortunately, it was rejected. It was nice though that it found a home at ICCE 2022's poster session. The work was inspired by our desire to have an educational technology component to Alvin's work. This could be something interesting since it tackles two significant modern problems: climate change and elderly population.

Our poster

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Authors: May Kristine Jonson Carlon, Alvin Christopher Varquez Galang, Eden Mariquit Andrews, John Maurice Gayed
Specifics: November 28 to December 2, 2022


The climate in urban centers can differ significantly from the immediate surrounding areas; this can pose health risks to the elderly who have spent much of their lives in urban centers and then move to more rural areas for retirement. Therefore, there is a need to develop educational software applications for the elderly that needs to account for their life experiences aside from physiological restrictions. This research created a connected wireframe for an educational assistant to make the elderly aware of the climate differences between their urban and rural residences. To address the difficulty of recruiting vulnerable subjects, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, we evaluated our wireframe using a combination of heuristic evaluation and a variation of the Delphi process, an expert consensus-building tool typically used for market forecasting.