TALE 2022: Creating Fun and Adaptive Lessons with Twine

After our kinda successful Twine workshop at Learning at Scale 2022, one of the organizers of the TALE 2022 conference invited us to conduct the same workshop, with a few improvements, of course. It is a little bit nerve-wracking because our session is the first session for the conference. For better or worse, it was conducted online instead of hybrid which was the original intention. It was a nice opportunity to visit the University of Hong Kong, where our Hong Kong friends are working.

The conference platform's autogenerated publicity social media poster for our event

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Title: Creating Fun and Adaptive Lessons with Twine
Authors: May Kristine Jonson Carlon, Robert Anthony Olexa, Donn Emmanuel Gonda, John Maurice Gayed, Jeffrey S. Cross.
Date: December 4 to 7, 2022


Nonlinear stories such as those from the classical “Choose Your Own Adventure” book series can be an exciting way of keeping learners engaged. The workshop will focus on Twine, an open-source programming environment that does not require any previous coding experience. Twine can be used to create game-like stories with multiple possible outcomes. Practical exercises based on existing research will be shared to create stories that captivate students and help them achieve learning goals. Participants will model the examples through a group activity. Lesson plans prepared in advance by the organizers will guide participants in creating story outlines. The workshop will culminate with participants creating and sharing their unique nonlinear stories with the other group members.